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South Carolina Academy of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery Officers

PresidentMarshall J. Shuler, MD
President ElectAnn Harriott Ervin, MD
Vice PresidentRobert S. Purvis, MD
Secretary-TreasurerAnn Harriott Ervin, MD
Secretary-Treasurer-ElectNathan P. Jones, MD
Member at LargeAnne H. LeClercq, MD
Representative from Low CountryDirk M. Elston, MD
Representative from MidlandsLee S. Carson, MD
Representative from UpstateTheresa G. Knoepp, MD
Executive DirectorDebbie Shealy

Leadership History

Year ServedPresidentSecretary-Treasurer
2017-2018Marshall J. Shuler, MDAnn Harriott Ervin, MD
2016-2017Robert S. Purvis, MDMarshall J. Shuler, MD
2015-2016Matthew L. Miller, MDRobert S. Purvis, MD
2014-2015Angela Hutcheson, MDMatthew L. Miller, MD
2013-2014Richard E. White, MDAngela Hutcheson, MD
2012-2013James R. DeBloom, II, MDRichard E. White, MD
2011-2012Brian C. Leach, MDJames DeBloom, MD
2010-2011Timothy G. Woodall, MDEdward A. Kotz, MD
2009-2010Scott Miller, MDTimothy G. Woodall, MD
2008-2009Peter J. Neidenbach, MDScott Miller, MD
2007-2008Todd Schlesinger, MDPeter Neidenbach, MD
2006-2007Marta Hampton, MDDina Grice, MD
2005-2006P. Lane Latham, MDPeter Neidenbach, MD
2004-2005Mark Blaskis, MDStephanie Smith-Philips, MD
2003-2004Bruce Thiers, MDLane Latham, Jr., MD
2002-2003Gene Burges, MDMark Blaskis, MD
2001-2002John Maize, MDKaren DeVore, MD
2000-2001Jim Chow, MDGregg Colle, MD
1999-2000Bud Thompson, MDMarta Hampton, MD
1998-1999Lawrence Klein, MDJim Chow, MD
1997-1998Tricia Westmoreland, MDLawrence Klein, MD
1996-1997Oswald L. Mikell, MDGene E. Burges, MD
1995-1996Carl Johnson, MDWilliam McWilliams, MD
1994-1995Pearon Lang, MDBruce Thiers, MD
1993-1994Hudson Rogers, MDAlina Pacult, MD
1992-1993Howard Robinson, MDCarl Johnson, MD
1991-1992John Humeniuk, MDTricia Westmoreland, MD
1990-1991Frank Boysia, MDPeggy Fitch, MD
1989-1990Sam Stafford, MDHudson Rogers, MD
1988-1989Lin Bradford, MDBud Thompson, MD
1987-1988Pierre Jaffe, MDHoward Robinson, MD
1986-1987Ken Warrick, MDSam Stafford, MD
1985-1986Charles West, MDJohn Humeniuk, MD
1984-1985Fred McElveen, MDLin Bradford, MD
1983-1984George Stretcher, MDSam Pratt, MD
1982-1983Gene Cutler, MDFrank Boysia, MD
1981-1982Larry Jetton, MDSandra Lamberson, MD
1980-1981Billy Tate, MDKen Warrick, MD
1979-1980John Latham, MDLarry Jetton, MD
1978-1979Tommy Griffin, MDGeorge Stretcher, MD
1977-1978Abe Robinson, MDFred McElveen, MD
1976-1977Roy Nickles, MDBilly Tate, MD
1975-1976Ken Smith, MDJoe Moore, MD
1974-1975Falls Harris, MDCharles West, MD
1973-1974Kathleen Riley, MDRoy Nickles, MD
1972-1973Dick Crooks, MDTommy Griffin, MD
1970-1972Dick Allison, MDBarbara Brown, MD

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